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Events Wanneroo Business | Tuesday, May 09, 2017


“My management team have even recognised that some of the concepts and strategy I have put in place are the outcomes of what I have learned in the course.”

I am the General Manager for a builder specialising in units and thought it be appropriate to get a formal qualification to complement my experience. I started studying an MBA with another university but found the pace unrealistic and felt I wasn’t maximising my learning experience. After looking over the course content of the Graduate Certificate of Business at ECU, I knew it was right for me. I was able to apply using recognised work experience.

Most of my studies at ECU have been online and I have had the opportunity to do some weekend classes, which has helped fit my studies around my work.

The lecturers have been extremely supportive and genuinely interested in my studies. They are always helpful and return emails and directives when needed. The facilities at the Joondalup campus are unbelievable.

My studies at ECU have taught me to consider problems in the workforce from a greater holistic perspective and have opened my mind to alternative ways of managing people, tasks, marketing, and how to approach problem solving. My management team have even recognised that some of the concepts and strategies I have put in place are the outcomes of what I have learned in the course.

Kerrian Devlin, ECU Graduate Certificate of Business and Master of Business Administration student


My time as an Intern at WBA

Events Wanneroo Business | Friday, May 05, 2017

No matter how many classes you attend at university nothing can prepare you for the work place, rather than experiencing it firsthand. At the beginning of 2017 I was 6 months away from completing my degree, but realized that I had no professional experience working in a sector that I was hoping to get into after my degree was completed.

Once I came to this realization I enrolled in a business practicum unit and was given placement at the Wanneroo Business Association, a not-for-profit organisation that has a large network of businesses that come together for casual catch ups, golf days, advisory sessions and a range of other events designed around local businesses networking.

Throughout my time at my placement I was given my own event to plan, execute and wrap up. This event was the Meet the Intern/ Local Businesses Sundowner, where local businesses and ECU students could come together to network and exchange information and conversation around the possibilities of gaining work experience or internship placements.

During the time of planning and executing this event I develop a range of skills and experience that I had been previously lacking from liaising with important personal and the correct way to communicate with these persons. Creating event run sheets and schedules to ensure that aspects of the event are running on time and involved the correct details. Using event advertising sites to attract businesses and students to attend the event and the correct way to write up these advertisements. I have also developed and built on my leadership skills as I have overseen the main aspects of the event and ensuing that everything that is needed is in the correct placement when the event is conducted.

With the skills and experience I have gained from working with the Wanneroo Business Association and after completing my degree I hope to further develop myself and career through transferring the skills and knowledge I have developed into an event management role in an organisation where I will be able to plan and execute events on a larger scale.

By being involved in a work placement program, I could develop skills and gain experience that I would have never been able to develop before entering a career. But with these skills I can now enter my career with confidence of knowing the main aspects that are involved in planning, executing and wrapping up events. I would highly recommend completing a work placement to students as I have grown my skills and professional manner throughout my time on work placement.

Kate Blanchard - Studying HR and events at ECU School of Business and Law


Hiring, Firing and Inspiring Workshop 28th March 2017

Events Wanneroo Business | Friday, May 05, 2017

Under the Wanneroo Business Advisory Programme, Dave Endersby from Vibe Legal spoke at the Hiring, Firing and Inspiring workshop.

Law depends on the particular facts of any individual case

-Key challenges

Unfair dismissal


Bullying and harassment

8 Commandments of employment law

-Good documented trail is key documentary

-Employment policy and procedures are vital

-Procedural and substantive fairness

-Don’t let employment issues fester

-Treat everyone fairly and consistently

-Never sack anyone on the spot

-Treat carefully the injured and unwell employees

-Functions can be work activities and should be treated as such

Unfair Dismissal

This is the biggest risk, learn from recent cases

-Focus on substantive and procedural fairness

-Deal with things as and when arise

-Tread carefully with serious misconduct, you cannot have people breaching principles of fair workplace


-Only genuine if you no longer require a particular role to be performed because of ops, tech or financial reasons

-Employer must comply with the consultation obligations of any award or enterprise agreement. Provide notice of intended changes

-Not genuine if the employer could be moved to a different role within the company

Bullying and Harassment

-This is a growing issue due to social media

-Employees can apply to FWC if they feel they have been bullied or harassed at work

-Reasonable management is not bullying

-Examples are, rudeness, belittling comments, threats of violence, gossip and rumours


-Get things wrong and the loss is large - $$, time and adverse publicity

-Always be aware of your risks

-Get it right from the start with contracts, policies and procedures

-Follow the 8 commandments

-Seek advice when required

Q & A with Senator Katy Gallagher and Dr Anne Aly MP

WBA Support | Wednesday, May 03, 2017

On 2 May 2017, local small businesses attended a Q & A at Malaga & District Business Association's new Growth Box with Wanneroo Business Association to hear from Senator Katy Gallagher, Shadow Minister for Small Business and Dr Anne Aly MP, Federal Member for Cowan.

Dr Anne Aly MP introduced Cowan as having great potential; 'WA has potential to be the door step to Australia, it is the best place to work internationally and be innovative but we need a vision.  And I want a vision for Cowan.'

Senator Katy Gallagher, Shadow Minister for Small Business said she was delighted to visit WA, as part of the Federal Labor team, she has been requested to get out and talk to small business so that she can feed into policy.  Whilst out speaking with businesses, the top 3 concerns have been getting more customers, confidence and cash flow/payment times.  NBN, red tape and energy prices have also been discussed.


Robert Seth, Tri-Shield Services: There appears to be a perceived pressure on small business from the ATO with no flexibility.  Do you have any thoughts or concerns about this?

Answer: Senator Katy Gallagher - There was a small announcement in the Government's mid year economic update which involved passing ATO debt on to debt collectors.  There are concerns around the implementation of this, the when and how.  Legislation would need to be passed for this to happen, but there are also concerns about the resources needed to bring this in and the data protection aspect of sharing personal details.


Peter Newbound, WA Insurance Brokers: The NBN in Wangara and Malaga is shocking, what are Government doing about this?

Answer: Dr Anne Aly MP - We are aware of these issues, the electorate of Cowan has been left behind.  We are in constant contact with NBN, but this could still see a 2 year wait for some areas.  I have traveled through armored vehicles in Pakistan and had better internet connection than some places in the electorate.  We have put pressure on NBN for an urgent roll out in the area but we are also looking at using local council infrastructure to provide wireless networks to some areas.  Get in touch with my office if you would like to find out more.


Nick Trandos, Trandos Farms - As a market gardener we employ over 100 people from overseas, yet the area we work in has the highest rate of unemployment in Wanneroo and Joondalup.  How do we get Australians to work?

Answer:  Senator Katy Gallagher - There is no policy to fix this, we are looking at tightening visas, but that won't necessarily help small businesses.

Dr Anne Aly MP - work ethic is a social issue, but there are locals looking for work.


Australian companies send business outside Australia to save money, but this sends local businesses under.

Answer: Senator Katy Gallagher - Bill Shorten recently announced a Buy Local scheme for Government's own infrastructure works including materials and work force


Andrew Slomp, Quality Resort Sorrento Beach: WA is unique, small business tends to service local small business so when the economy is doing well so are businesses, but when the economy is weak, small businesses struggle.  When decisions are made on small business in Canberra, you need to remember that small business includes WA, Darwin is the same.

Answer: Senator Katy Gallagher - I agree, I have noticed that the Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne economies are going strong but as soon as you move more remote businesses are struggling.

Senator Katy Gallagher wrapped up the afternoon by thanking the businesses in attendance for taking time out to share the issues, which are difficult to solve immediately.  She gave reassurance that the issues would be taken back to Government.



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