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The first Open Day Masterclass series for 2017 is scheduled at the Hybrid 935, 10am - 5pm 28 February, with four great valuable sessions presented by brilliant local talent on "how to use smart tactics to accelerate the growth and success of your business".

Given the huge success of the first Open Day Masterclass series that was hosted last October 2016 with international entrepreneur David McQueen visiting us all the way from the UK (thanks to ECU The LINK.)  David had in-depth conversations with local business owners sharing his journey of success and some of the stumbling blocks along the way, especially during some tough economic times. Giving reassurance and providing some key strategies, to local business owners and ways to find opportunities for business growth and success, even in the midst of the most challenging times.

Along with David McQueen we also had the privilege of Justin Davies, Director of Emergination, facilitate a session on 'Pitch the Perfect Pitch' where participants learnt some key points on how to best pitch their business and/or new ideas. We also had the team from Mash Media share their know-how on how to maximise Google for business and a session on ‘how to future proof your business’ by Lawrence Group.

So all in all, it was a great success with well over 60 people attending (one or more session on) the Open Day at the Hybrid 935.

Following the great feedback received about our first Open Day, participants were keen to attend more, so we're kick-starting our 2017 series of Masterclass session on Tuesday 28th Feb 2017 from 10am - 5pm at the Hybrid 935.

The theme for the day will be all about Business Growth Hacking and how you can apply some key smart tactics to accelerate the growth of your business, regardless of how the economy may be.

So, we have a great lineup of speakers (let’s call them Growth Hackers) for you, specially chosen for their field of expertise:

SESSION 1: User Experience Websites by WBA Advisor Steven Wigley CEO & founder of Burning Fruit ( who'll be sharing his knowledge and expertise on "how to create 100% client focused websites".

SESSION 2: Digital Marketing by Evan Cunningham-Dunlop CEO & founder of Living Online ( a progressive digital marketing agency. Evan will be sharing his wealth of wisdom on "how to apply key digital marketing growth strategies" to increase your market value and grow your business

SESSION 3: Smart Money Strategies by Fiona Knowles, CEO and Founder of Grotivity ( will provide you with "insights and tips of a '3 step growth’" solution that you can use in a climate where there is limited access to growth funding and little support for early-stage ventures.

SESSION 4: Generation Millennials by WBA Advisor, Dr Helen Sitlington CEO and Founder of Workplace Management Network (, provide you with some key strategies on "how you can manage and maximise the best of the millennial generation and beyond" (to attract and retain the best talent).

So we're sure you'll agree given that all of the above sessions are free for the day, we're delivering way more than you would ever get anywhere else.

If you're wondering whether you can afford to take the day out from your business, then ask yourself can you really afford not to? Consider this as a day of investing in you and your business to learn from great local talent on "how to accelerate the growth and success of your business by using simple smart tactics"

For more information and to book your seat (as they are limited, then) go to:

Looking forward to seeing you at the Hybrid 935 for a day of GROWTH HACKING!


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