Business Advisory - Insurance Masterclass

WBA Support | Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In a recent Masterclass, WBA Business Adviser Peter Newbound provided businesses in attendance with the information they need regarding business insurance.

A double glazing business learnt that sub-contractors and contractors should have their own Public Liability Insurance, and need to be named specifically in a businesses' policy wording if they are to be covered.  Professional Indemnity Insurance was discussed with a Accountant and Tax Adviser, the issue of insuring contractors was brought up again by a Technology Solutions company and a Business Coach was advised of the need to have Public Liability Insurance.

Commercial insurance is set to go up 4-5% and it is key that you have the correct insurance policies in place for your business.

Did you know...

- Wangara insurance policies for break ins are higher than most other places in WA, and sometimes businesses can be paying up to 20% more!

- IT Liability exists to cover businesses during internet and telephone drop outs or exchange blow outs

-  Using a broker means that your policy is more likely to be comprehensive and less likely to have as many get out clauses

- You can now get Cyber Liability cover - these days it is a case of when and not if you get hacked.  Affecting all industries, personal data, account details and information can be stolen no matter what security you have in place and there is insurance available to help you keep operating!

- You should be sending your contracts to your insurance broker too!  Lawyers look at Contract Law but your insurance broker can check the insurance implications too

- You should always check the exclusions in your policy wording


If you have any queries or concerns, contact 08 9206 3888 to be connected to Peter for a FREE consulation today - through our Business Advisory Program






Invitation from the President

Events Wanneroo Business | Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We recently announced a new and exciting level of membership to Wanneroo Business Association.

Forming our Business Advisory Program, local businesses and members are now invited to apply for Gold Membership which will see ‘Business Advisors’ be allocated across 6 business streams.

The 6 streams will fall across Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing and Insurance

Launching at just $57 a month and including more benefits, get in touch and find out more about how your business can be involved in this innovative program.

This membership is by application only, and applicants will be required to meet with the WBA team to discuss further before being announced as a Gold Member. So get your application in as soon as possible, interviews are scheduled for the last week in October!

Click here to learn more about the benefits of being a Gold Member

Click here to download the application form.

If you are looking to help grow the local business economy, and raise your profile for being a reputable and professional business, I would encourage you to submit an application to begin discussions with our team.  You could be one of our new Gold Members.

Best of luck,

Trent Carter

WBA President 2016-2018






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